Dusthen is a freelance illustrator based in Berlin, Germany. Through the years he gained a lot of experience by doing a lot of different illustrations.
During that time he worked for companies such as Bulleit, Talisker, Don Julio, Ritz Carlton and also did Merchandise for bands like Fall Out Boy and Panic at the Disco.
Nowadays his style moves towards a more abstract and surreal way, which opens up new doors to create more interesting illustrations.

Bulleit (cooperation with Gradwanderung)
Don Julio (cooperation with Gradwanderung)
Talisker (cooperation with Gradwanderung)
Ritz Carlton "Courtain Club" (cooperation with Gradwanderung)
Grand Marnier (cooperation with Gradwanderung)
Last Revelations
Thiasos LLC
SOLA Streetwear

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